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As they cranked the machine faster and faster, it exploded, throwing milk and debris into the crowd.

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OK. Was the member of the fair board really that witty or did she just happen to say, "They were just out to have fun, and something out of the ordinary happened. It just kind of turned sour."?

That, in my book, is fantastic punning under pressure.

Doug F @ 08/02/2003 08:29 AM CST

And at least 5 thank you's to my 4 year old for helping push the "Post" button.

Sorry. :-)

Doug F @ 08/02/2003 08:31 AM CST

Centrifuges are well known for being dangerous. They often have many safety features included on modern models. Being hand-cranked, I'm guessing it was an older model. And, just like an old bullet from an old gun, old things can't hurt you right?

Larry Lurex @ 08/05/2003 03:22 AM CST

I fixed it, Doug :-)

amyc @ 08/05/2003 08:08 AM CST

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