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Here's the deal: Ms. Cinnamon and I are in the early plotting stages of a trunk-show-type dealie for Chicago-area artists, crafty folk, zine-makers, musicians, whathaveyou.

The basic idea: A 4- or 6-hour event in a CTA-accessible North Side park district building (or similar accomodation), allowing creative people a chance to sell their stuff. We're aiming for first-time sellers or other people like ourselves -- we've sold the occasional piece to friends, but never to the general public -- and not established businesses. If you have a bunch of hand-knitted hats or a stack of watercolors and you don't know what to do with them, bring a cardtable to our trunk show! (Note: Obviously, this gig is for stuff you've made yourself. We're not running a yard sale.)

The details: Sketchy for now. We're trying to see how much interest people have in this type of a show before we move ahead with reserving space and all, but we're aiming for a Saturday afternoon, some time in mid-October through mid-November (before Thanksgiving). Depending on the number of vendors we think we can get and the cost of renting space, the admission fee would probably be around $25-40. No profit for us -- the fee would cover space rental and maybe some advertising.

Does this sound like something you would like, fellow Chicago creative person? Well, e-mail me (rubberynun-at-hotmail-dot-com) and let me know by next Tuesday so we can make some plans! And spread the word to your friends! You have friends, yes?

Replies: 9 Confessions

You're my only friend!

jima @ 08/07/2003 08:49 AM CST

That's not true! You've got that one know, with the shoes...

amyc @ 08/07/2003 09:08 AM CST

You mean Ol' Shoie?

jima @ 08/07/2003 09:42 AM CST

I'd be your friend, too - and even, you know, sell jewelery and funky record bags with hidden compartments and corsets and duvet covers - but I'm supposed to be in Berkeley that week. Sigh.

Jessica @ 08/07/2003 11:37 AM CST

waaaaa, I really wish I were in Chicago. I wanna come!

The Other Amy @ 08/07/2003 04:35 PM CST

damn, this thing just ate my post! anyway, I posted something on Get Crafty about this so if you get some strange emails they might be from the Glitterati.

toa (again) @ 08/08/2003 03:45 AM CST

Thanks, Amy! The e-mails have already started pouring in!

amyc @ 08/08/2003 07:19 AM CST

I want to come! I'm in Chicago!

Anna @ 08/11/2003 01:57 PM CST

Send me an e-mail! And send pictures of your work if you have any!


amyc @ 08/11/2003 02:11 PM CST

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