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One way to curb suburban sprawl: Remind people that the country smells like shit.

Officials in a county in Michigan have produced a brochure which smells of manure aimed at people moving to rural areas.

Ottawa County officials say the idea is to try to educate would-be residents of some of the realities of rural living.

It is designed to reduce nuisance complaints that new homeowners sometimes make against farmers. It comes with a scratch-and-sniff section.

Replies: 5 Confessions

Meanwhile, the Chicago El smells like urine. So, here's the decision you must now make: do you want to live next to poo, or wee?

jima @ 08/07/2003 10:48 AM CST

Who says you have to choose? Sometimes the El smells like poo.

amyc @ 08/07/2003 11:02 AM CST

That is awesome.
Now if only we'd thought of that in SF when the whole condo development thing started.
"This is what it looks like when you move into an area zoned for industrial purposes. This is what you hear when you build your loft right the hell next to a nightclub with cabaret and after-hours licenses. Now go away. Frickin' yuppie scum."

Jessica Donohoe @ 08/07/2003 11:21 AM CST

What about the Chicago River? Even when it's not green, it smells like burning rubber. (Burn on, big river, burn on.)

elavil @ 08/07/2003 01:17 PM CST

I prefer the terms #1 or #2. It's much more pleasant than pee or poo.

Cinnamon @ 08/08/2003 02:39 PM CST

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