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So, Darrell Issa funded this whole California recall mess, and now he's not sticking around to clean up. What a fucking asshole!

Gray Davis won by 328,000 votes just 9 months ago, but could be run out of office by a few thousand. Why don't Republicans have any respect for legal elections? Oh, that's right -- because they keep losing them.

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It says here "Schwarzenegger's announcement Wednesday that he would run helped assure him there would be enough qualified candidates for the office".
What possible relationship could there be between Arnold and a qualified candidate?

elavil @ 08/07/2003 04:53 PM CST

Issa had no choice...he got the call in the middle of the night and is still trying to figure out how to get the horses head out of his bed.

This just proves there is a God and he has a great sense of humor and excellent timing in handing out justice.

This Californian says, good riddance to Issa! It could not have happened to a nicer guy.

RitaM @ 08/08/2003 01:21 AM CST

I think Issa pulling out is a hoot. In a sense, Ahnold recalled him. He didn't even get into office before getting recalled! Serves him right.

Charlie @ 08/08/2003 10:59 AM CST

Yes, I agree. It's nice to see Issa get the anal probe that Republicans usually reserve for the voters.

elavil @ 08/08/2003 12:30 PM CST

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