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We did so much stuff this weekend, yet it was oddly relaxing. I got to spend plenty of quality time with my beloved and:

See the Lucky Yates Talk Show -- twice! We had so much fun the first night that we had to go back for more.

Go to the movies! We took in Weather Underground at the Music Box. I learned a bit about the Weathermen in college so I knew the historical context, but much of the details shown in this movie were new to me (I had no idea they were the group that busted Timothy Leary out of prison). The former members were alternately defiant, ambivalent, and embarassed about their deeds, especially in the aftermath of Oklahoma City and Sept. 11. The movie's worth seeing, especially if you think misguided children of privilege smashing The Man's windows started in Seattle. That Slate review sums it up pretty well.

See Jim's ukulele teacher give a South Pacific music concert, with songs from Hawaii and Tahiti, plus hula dancing! The concert was held on the steps of Chicago's oldest house, nestled in the Chicago Women's Park & Gardens, a lovely little South Loop gem, with red gravel paths winding through immaculately tended gardens of wildflowers and prairie grasses.

Learn something new: Talking with my pal Nan over dinner last night, I learned that the Blair Beitner we went to school with is now mediocre film actor Selma Blair. Who knew? Not me, apparently. I guess the path from Midwestern liberal-arts college to getting your mouth caught on a guy's dick piercing is shorter than I thought. I sure hope the annual fund calls her as often as they call me.

Replies: 2 Confessions

:-( I don't remember her a bit. I wish I did, though.

Charlie @ 08/14/2003 10:58 AM CST

She was one of the "theater people."

amyc @ 08/14/2003 11:46 AM CST

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