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The 4th Infantry Division said it had launched a new mission, Operation Ivy Lightning, to hunt for Saddam loyalists it believed had fled to isolated villages east of Saddam's hometown of Tikrit to escape repeated U.S. raids.

"Ivy Lightning is a surgical strike in remote isolate and capture non-compliant forces and former regime loyalists who are planning attacks against Coalition forces," Lieutenant-Colonel William MacDonald told reporters in Tikrit.

Yes, folks, that's Operation Ivy Lightning. Jeez, it's like they're not even trying to lie anymore.

Update: Looks like the sharp minds at Atrios are already on this like white on rice.

Replies: 2 Confessions

It's all part of The War Against Terrorism....

jima @ 08/12/2003 09:23 AM CST

Obviously the army has discovered the American Military Operation Name Generating Device at Ftrain.

Coming soon: Operation Merciless Opossum!

(Altho that's not nearly as telling an acronym...)

Phineas @ 08/12/2003 09:31 AM CST

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