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Why wait until the redesign of Mount Rushmore?

Now you can own a piece of American history; the Texas Air National Guard George W Bush Action Figure.

This figure probably stands 14" in height, and is exactly as the future Leader of the Western World(tm) appeared during his service defending our Nation's borders from Mexicans and Bahamians.

Comes with detailed uniform (as imagined by base commander), sealed discharge papers, Coors Light keg, and "licensed to chug" bumper sticker.

Now you can have George in your home every day, even after November 2004!


Winning bidder will be notified of upcoming GWBANG accessories; pile of dried branches, action pretzel, overstuffed bags with "$" printed on them, blindfold, bible with real, highlighted passages, and earplugs.

Replies: 4 Confessions

The new Dubya Texas Air Ranger doll - it's just an empty box, the action figure has gone AWOL...

Larry Lurex @ 08/14/2003 09:09 AM CST

It may be just an empty box, but $60 is just too rich for my blood.

Charlie @ 08/14/2003 10:51 AM CST

Oh, haven't you heard? The economy's in recovery. So we'll all be able to buy our GWB action figures soon.

jima @ 08/14/2003 11:17 AM CST

Don't worry! If you can't afford the original, you can make your own. For only $2.99, I will be glad to mail you plans.

gttim @ 08/14/2003 10:15 PM CST

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