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Jes waxes rhapsodic about the gooey glories of Sweetwater's Donut Mill, the 24-hr independent donut joints in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. You haven't had a good donut until you've had a Sweetwater's donut -- so fresh, so moist, so tasty. The apple crumb is my fave rave: sweet crumb-caked shell filled with chunky, heavily cinnamon-ed applesauce. Oh, golly!

When I was in school, we would occasionally park behind Sweetwater's dumpster just before the midnight shift change, when the bakers put out the fresh goods and stuffed the leftover "old" donuts (baked 12 hours before) into a big black trash bag and tossed it into the bin. We would then take the bag of (still good, slightly squished) donuts back to the dorm for late-night sugar binges. donuts!

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