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Clothing designers of America, I beg you -- enough already with the:

Cargo pants: It's been six years, people. Does anyone really have that much cargo? Plus, us "women of thigh" are not flattered by big-ass pockets on the sides of our legs.
Fakey-faded jeans: Do you know how hard it is to find jeans that are the same color all over, that are not afflicted with "distressing" or "antiquing" or other unattractive novelty treatments? Does no one remember the horror of acid wash?
Midriffs: It's apparently too much to ask these days for shirts that cover my navel and pants that cover my ass-crack.
And on a related note, capri pants and 3/4 sleeves: I do not wish to look as though I've had a sudden growth spurt.
Cap sleeves: Not suitable for anyone who does not devote her life to Pilates.

It's no coincidence that the best-fitting garments I've purchased recently are either vintage or men's clothes.

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Did they take the mirrors out of all the dressing rooms Old Navy, possibly to save some money? I see students (mostly women because of where I teach) who, if they had ever looked at themselves from the rear (or even from the side), might have had second thoughts about those low riders. In fact, I saw a woman this week whose pants were really just legs and a waistband - I didn't know they made jeans you had to get a bikini wax to wear. Although I guess they accomplished what she wanted, which was to keep the attention of her boyfriend, the guy in the SuckBangBlow Biker Bar t-shirt.

elavil @ 08/23/2003 05:51 PM CST

I don't mind the faded, but the ones with "tinting" look like they're dirty all the time.

Now, if you want some serious fun, go to Abercrombie and Fitch while in the mall and look at the wrinkled, faded, distressed crap they are selling. It is hysterical, and that they are selling loads of it at $45 a pop, is even better!

gttim @ 08/24/2003 04:36 PM CST

Is it just me, or has everyone between the ages of 15 and 25 who buys their clothing at the mall been wearing essentially the same clothing for the past five years? All during high school, I would see hordes of girls all in the jean-of-the-moment (varying according to flare width and rise, but not much else) and tight little t-shirts with trying-to-be-ironic/hip slogans. Has America experienced fashion burnout?

Maureen @ 08/24/2003 09:56 PM CST

update me fashion

ranbir @ 02/24/2004 01:38 AM CST

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