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About 25 members of a Southern California Hummer fan club joined officials outside Clippinger Chevrolet for Sunday's rally. They toured the area where fires early Friday gutted a parts warehouse and destroyed 20 Hummer H2s. Another 20 Hummers and several Chevrolet Tahoes were significantly damaged by fire and spray-painting.

A Hummer fan club?!? Sweet fluffy Jeebus, that's just wrong. Earth Liberation Front, like extremists of all persuasions, are a bunch of nutters, and I'll wholeheartedly agree that some of them are probably dangerous nutters. But it's hard to see this and not feel at least a wee "Right on!" reflex.

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I thought hummers were supposed to be tough!

Charlie @ 08/26/2003 10:44 AM CST

No match for crazy hippies, I guess.

amyc @ 08/26/2003 11:27 AM CST

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