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300 bigots and lunatics protesting around a carved rock, worthy of nonstop coverage. 100,000 people protesting a war, worthy of brief snide commentary.

Orcinus notes that the crowd assembled around the graven image is full of stars-n-bars-waving neo-confederates, Klansmen, anti-abortion extremists, anti-Semites, Jerry Falwell and other idiots. Not a terribly representative cross-section of America, is it?

Thankfully, reason has prevailed and the monument is being moved right now.

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elavil @ 08/27/2003 11:29 AM CST

Saw a great bumper sticker that read, "Darwin loves you." Hopefully, reason will continue to prevail in these cases.

Debbie @ 08/27/2003 03:17 PM CST

Crikey, you'd think that a crowd of only 300 - would get zero coverage?

Most protests over here of less than a thousand get zilch publicity.

Larry Lurex @ 08/29/2003 11:20 AM CST

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