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This article about the Chicago man who killed half a dozen of his coworkers before turning the gun on himself (edit: actually, it seems now that the police killed him) contains the following peculiar information:

It was the nation's deadliest workplace shooting since July 8, when Doug Williams, 48, gunned down 14 co-workers, killing six, at a Lockheed Martin aircraft parts plant in Meridian, Miss., before taking his own life.

What the hell does that mean? Are we supposed to feel relieved that we as a nation have gone seven whole weeks between disgruntled-employee shooting rampages? Hooray for America! More than five people haven't been gunned down at the same workplace since...last month! USA! USA! USA!


Replies: 3 Confessions

Define workplace shooting.

jima @ 08/27/2003 04:33 PM CST

Good point!

amyc @ 08/27/2003 04:44 PM CST

Cities like Oxford over here have three or four murders *a year*.

How about a new holiday advert for Americans?

"Come to Britain. You're twenty times less likely to be murdered than if you stay at home."

Larry Lurex @ 08/29/2003 11:18 AM CST

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