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I know I said I was giving up the publishing job search to look for a nice nonprofit gig, even an entry-level one. That was before I was halfway through my unemployment insurance, with the end in sight. That was before I found out my dog needs $700 worth of surgery*. That was before I realized exactly how many experienced nonprofit folks are also out of work and willing to take entry-level jobs. Things are not looking good for following my dream right now.

Idealism aside, I have to face the facts here: The economy is about as stable as Ann Coulter. The job market is as puny as Dick Cheney's sense of decency. And it's becoming increasingly clear to me that I, with my near-total lack of professional nonprofit experience, stand about as much chance of getting a nonprofit job as George W. Bush does of winning the respect and support of the international community.

So, with a heavy heart (and a pocket full of annoyance), I'm going to look for editing jobs again. The publishing industry is in horrible shape right now, but at least I'm qualified to work there.

And, hey, I'm still in school. Maybe once I get a few more classes under my belt, I can try the nonprofit job market again.

Between school (so much reading!), organizing the trunk show, producing the play, continuing the never-ending job search, and still trying to have a life, I'm about as busy as I can stand to be these days. Posting here at RubberNun will be sporadic for the foreseeable future. I've grown rather addicted to blogging and reading comments and responding to all you nice people who stop by, but I need to focus on the other stuff a little more. But come 'round occasionally because I like you and you smell nice and, hey, have you lost weight? Because you look great!

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Would that be a fiendish thingy?

elavil @ 08/29/2003 04:00 PM CST

You should see it -- it's totally fiendish. Run, Ringo!

amyc @ 08/29/2003 04:05 PM CST

wow busy woman. now that I am back, I can make you and your's dinner again.

shechemist @ 08/29/2003 04:41 PM CST

I think we owe you a meal first.

amyc @ 08/29/2003 04:58 PM CST

yeah, but I have more time to make dinner than you at the moment. *smile* or heck, you can make me breakfast!

that sounds like a pick up line. trust me, my intentions are pure. well, as pure as my intentions run.

shechemist @ 08/29/2003 09:04 PM CST

Sorry I wasn't on earlier, I was sleeping all afternoon because I've been staying up very late. Come back online sometime soon so that we can talk. I miss you.

Jobeth @ 08/31/2003 11:09 PM CST

I hate to say I told you so - but I told you so. "Take the paying job" I said. "You will still have your principles and maybe you will convert someone" I said. I'm paraphrasing of course.

Do you listen? No. Are you listening now? Probably not.

Ahh, the youth of today....


Larry Lurex @ 09/03/2003 06:39 AM CST

I don't regret not taking that particular paying job, though. I can still do some dreadful editing gig without selling my soul to The Man. I think.

amyc @ 09/03/2003 07:39 AM CST

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