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Alright, that does it. Sure, there were all the lies, the arrogance, the lack of curiosity about and respect for the rest of the world, the "pre-emptive" war, the gutting of environmental laws, the executions of possibly innocent Texas inmates, the steamrolling of First Amendment rights, the appointments of Ashcroft and Poindexter and Wolfowitz and Perle and Kissinger, etc. But any man who cannot take better care of his dog does not deserve to be President! Someone call the SPCA!

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Remember how Poppy Bush's dog, Millie, wrote a couple books?

Well I can't wait for Barney's shocking tell all (ghost-written by Neal Pollack, I hope...)

Phineas @ 09/02/2003 09:40 AM CST

So you're thinking he should treat his dog better than he treats, for example, the American people?

elavil @ 09/02/2003 11:26 AM CST

Well, officially this post is hyperbole. But honestly, the dog is but a helpless beast. The American people on the other hand have the ability -- and the responsibility -- to fight back.

So, yeah, I feel worse for the dog.

amyc @ 09/02/2003 11:39 AM CST

No question about *feeling worse* for the dog, who is innocent and helpless - unlike the American people, a number of whom appear to be ignorant thugs. And I bet the dog has food, clean water, and medical care, whereas the exact opposite is true for a number of the American people. On the other hand, perhaps a good BITE . . . .

elavil @ 09/02/2003 01:02 PM CST

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