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Even though shock jock Howard Stern's radio and television show features scantily clad women and raunchy chatter, regulators on Tuesday ruled it a news program, exempting it from equal time rules on political coverage.

The staff decision by the Federal Communications Commission opens the way for the show to book two of the sexier candidates for California governor: Hollywood he-man Arnold Schwarzenegger and porn-star Mary Carey.

A media watchdog group immediately denounced the FCC ruling, calling it a reversal of decades of U.S. media regulation designed to promote fairness in election coverage and an informed public debate on government policy.

Why play by the rules when you can just change them? Stolen elections, "pre-emptive" wars, and now Howard Stern's "news" program. Surely these are the end times.

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Ok, my head actually exploded from how stupid that is. Now I have to clean my brains off the keyboard.

The FCC is a joke, and not a funny one at that.

Debbie @ 09/11/2003 12:47 AM CST

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