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Mister Jimmie and I rode the bus to scenic Madison, Wisconsin, for a couple days to visit our pal, Elavil. There was much laughing and talking and petting of cats. Also, bargains were had (by me!) at Madison's lovely and well-stocked bead store. We enjoyed delicious Thai food and stimulating conversation with Elavil's colleague, LD, Miriam and her husband, Russ. The next morning: French toast! Made with lesbian-crafted cinnamon bread! We don't have enough vacations like this. We shall take more.

Best thing I saw at the Renegade Craft Fair: Flappy-shouldered infant shirts silkscreened with the phrase "Show me your tits!" If only I had a baby! (Note to my mom: Not really.)

Got an A on my first official grad school paper. And an "Excellent!" on my in-class writing assignment.

Last night, a romantic dinner with a handsome fellow at Piazza Bella, home of the world's most tender gnocchi and tastiest pomodoro sauce. Did I mention how handsome my dining companion was? After more than 4 years, I still get all wiggly when he smiles at me.

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Awww! I promise not to smile at you when you're operating heavy machinery.

jima @ 09/21/2003 04:12 PM CST

You're always welcome at our house!
An additional highlight of the visit was an impromptu ukelele concert. Where was that mist again?

elavil & Walter & Grace @ 09/21/2003 04:23 PM CST

Waimea, of course!

jima @ 09/21/2003 04:33 PM CST

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