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Mr Reagan was offering consolation to an old friend whose husband had died.

"Even in marriage I had a little guilty feeling about sex, as if the whole thing was tinged with evil," he told the friend.

Here's a hint: Any sex involving Ronald Reagan was most definitely saturated with evil.

I mean aside from his innate Reagan-ness upping the evil quotient, he calls his wife "Mommy," fer cryin' outside!

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There he "goes" again!

jima @ 09/22/2003 06:36 PM CST

I keep hearing the Folksmen singing "Start Me Up."

elavil @ 09/23/2003 06:44 AM CST


amyc @ 09/23/2003 07:08 AM CST

Oh, that is so gross! What's grosser: Reagan simpering around calling her "Mommy," or Dole lurching around with that damned pen and a bottle of Viagra... "C'mere, Liddy...."


Miriam @ 09/23/2003 07:38 AM CST

That is it I am taking your website off my list. For awhile I could put up with your bashing of the Republicans but I've had it. Goodbye.

Tim R @ 09/23/2003 10:08 AM CST


reagan thinking sex is evil while calling nancy 'mommy' is far and away sicker than dole popping little blue pills and getting jiggy with his old lady.

shechemist @ 09/23/2003 10:45 AM CST

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, Tim R.

amyc @ 09/23/2003 12:46 PM CST

Republicans are touchy little buggers, aren't they?

Excuse me while I try to get the image of Ron and Nancy out of my head. If I have to shoot myself to accomplish that, so be it.

Debbie @ 09/23/2003 02:59 PM CST

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