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Man, look at all the cool people who are gonna be exhibiting at our little trunk show! This is so gonna rock!

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yippee, my friends will receive some yummy presents this year :) you ladies rock!

miss ellen @ 09/24/2003 10:21 AM CST

I thought Phineas was going to participate? I didn't notice any naked torsos or wooden chairs.

elavil @ 09/24/2003 01:11 PM CST

According to his latest site update, he might not actually have any photocollages to print out for the show. Dang.

jima @ 09/24/2003 01:33 PM CST

NOT acceptable. I guess he was one of the people on yr poll, jima, who would work for storage space.

elavil @ 09/24/2003 02:42 PM CST

And that's not all folks! There's still a multitude of creative people to still be put up on the site. But, oh is it looking good!

Cinnamon @ 09/24/2003 04:28 PM CST

Looks like you are going to have a great show. I wish I could see all the articles in person.

Mom C @ 09/25/2003 03:07 PM CST

You should come to Chicago!

amyc @ 09/25/2003 03:30 PM CST

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