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Most of the time, I'm quite comfortable with the fact that I don't drink alcohol. Most of the time, I don't give it a thought, even. But having no experience in the world of intoxication brings me up a bit short in certain situations. I'm trying to plan a post-opening-night party for the play (said party to be held at a local bar popular with the actors), and I keep forgetting there's a difference between "cash bar" and "open bar." There is a rather big difference, in fact. And then I feel like an idiot. Because I am apparently the only adult on the planet who does not know this.

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So split the difference and get a sidebar.

elavil @ 09/26/2003 07:42 AM CST

And you couldn't think of anyone to ask?

Mom C @ 09/27/2003 11:44 AM CST

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