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This is the right-wing media's latest meme: A deranged hatred of Bush is fueling the Democratic Party and, gosh, no one has ever seen such vituperation in the public square! Whatever shall we do?

This morning, I woke to the sound of the egregious Juan Williams interviewing Ramesh Ponnuru (National Review) and Jonathan Chait (The New Republic) about Democrats' so-called "hatred" of the so-called president. They spoke at length, with astonished tone and convoluted reasoning, about their allegedly "opposing" viewpoints on this new disease while completely ignoring the fucking obvious. So thank the sweet baby Jebus that we have Molly Ivins to set the record straight:

AUSTIN, Texas -- Among the more amusing cluckings from the right lately is their appalled discovery that quite a few Americans actually think George W. Bush is a terrible president.

Robert Novak is quoted as saying in all his 44 years of covering politics, he has never seen anything like the detestation of Bush. Charles Krauthammer managed to write an entire essay on the topic of "Bush haters" in Time magazine, as though he had never before come across such a phenomenon.

Oh, I stretch memory way back, so far back, all the way back to -- our last president.

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Hnf. Anybody remember Nixon?

elavil @ 09/26/2003 09:20 AM CST

No. I was 4.

amyc @ 09/26/2003 11:06 AM CST

Well, yr excused then. I have to say, there has never been a US leader I have hated as much as I still hate Nixon. He declared war on his own people, he dropped illegal bombs on a neutral country and lied about it, and he read my mail. Bush is a turd - Nixon was Mephistopheles.
I'm just sayin'.

elavil @ 09/26/2003 11:09 AM CST

yay I am not the only one that hates juan williams!

you wanna talk blind freaking hatred of clinton, bring him up at one of my family gatherings. my family is blue collar as it gets, support the idea of a national health care, support medicade and are pro-choice.

but they voted for bush cuz clinton was a disgusting whoring bastard.

and yet bush being a coke snorting booze hound who happy fucks the middle class is a-ok cuz at least he hasn't boned an intern.

shechemist @ 09/26/2003 12:16 PM CST

I always thought Ray Suarez was more irritating than Juan Williams.
Shechemist is SO RIGHT about Clinton-bashers - nothing seems to outrage a compassionate conservative like a little White House dalliance. So what's up with Fox? Bill O'Reilly on one side, fornication in exotic locales on the other. I don't get it.

elavil @ 09/26/2003 02:55 PM CST

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