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I saw the most appalling Hummer commercial today (and, really, that's saying something). With the Who's "Happy Jack" playing in the background, a little boy steals the wood from his puppy's dog house to make a Hummer-style soapbox racer, which then towers over all the other kids' cars. Then he goes "off road" to take a short cut, jumping in front of the other kids to win the race.

The message: "Cool" Hummer drivers steal (from dogs, even!) and cheat! I wanna be an asshole just like them!

If only the little wooden Hummer had flipped over and burst into flames at the end, incinerating the little pre-teen prick before he joined a frat and got his MBA.

Replies: 5 Confessions

Gag. And that's not even considering the Gas Hog Tax Break. Gag.

elavil @ 09/27/2003 08:31 PM CST

i have a true confession here: I love the song from that commercial I know I'm sick. It's not because adam works at the hummer plant either. I don't know what they say in the song but its so freakin catchy. ok. i've sinned.

amy beth @ 09/30/2003 07:31 PM CST

It is a great song! It's always been one of my favorites. It's a shame its powers are being used for evil and not good.

amyc @ 09/30/2003 08:05 PM CST


King @ 10/25/2003 01:16 PM CST

It's just a shame the Hummer's not that size in real life...

nlpnt @ 01/10/2004 10:50 PM CST

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