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Lately I've been busy. So busy I feel like crying most days, with school, the play, the job search, the trunk show*. But I’m not too busy to notice that autumn is here. The snap in the air, the smell of leaves, the starved and desperate bees getting all up in my business. This weekend I pulled the sweaters out from under the bed. I changed the furnace filter and turned the heat on yesterday morning for the first time since our dreary spring. There are honeycrisp apples at the farmers’ market. Next week: cider. One tree on my street is starting to turn. Autumn is here, and I love it.

The weekend was busy as well. I guess it makes sense now that, when I try to relax after a stressful week, my social calendar is filled with overlapping obligations.

First up Saturday night, a swank soirée at the Huff-n-Coop home. The party was cozy, chatty, and warm. I could have stayed all night, snacking and talking and getting to know the cats.

But, of course, I couldn't. My librarian friend's birthday party was next on the list. Note to "life coaches"-in-training: If a librarian volunteers to help you learn how to do your "life coaching" thing at a public seminar, do not tell her you are surprised that she is passionate about something because, y'know, she's a librarian after all! Because not only will she passionately rip you a new one in front of everyone at the "life coaching" training session, she will turn said ripping into a very entertaining story at her birthday party, and we will all laugh at you, "life coach." Ha ha! Because if there is one thing my librarian friend is passionate about, it's exploding the stereotype of librarians as sexless, repressed, iron-fisted, quiet, elderly white women. Which is probably why this party was so raucous. We had fun, but we were tired (Mr. Jimmie also had a rough week). So it was off to bed with us by 11.

Yesterday: Brunch at the (gorgeous) apartment of one of the play's cast members. It's probably rude to go to the home of someone you don't know very well and immediately blurt out "Oh, my god, I want your apartment!" But that's pretty much what I did. (Sorry, Sharon.) But it was huge and window-y and beautiful! I'm so bored with our place, and so cramped. The house lust overpowers me sometimes.

Brunch itself was delightful -- crepes and compotes -- and we chatted amiably with everyone for a while. But then party time was over, and I had to go home and write a paper.

*(Honestly, though, I've even been to busy to do much work on the trunk show. It's just sort of looming over me, reminding me of all the stuff I still need to do.)

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Thank you very much!
Very good idee and sevice!

Wallys @ 11/16/2004 05:39 AM CST

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