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I went to the doctor again yesterday to see about these dang migraines. About 6 weeks ago, she put me on blood-pressure-lowering medication as a possible preventative (even though I have solidly average blood pressure that needs no lowerin'). It seems to be working, sorta. I've had six migraines in the last 6 weeks, but they've been less debilitating than usual. Only one was bad enough to make me take to my bed all day. So that's an improvement. I guess. Dr. N (in which the N does not stand for Nick) upped the dosage a little yesterday to see if stronger meds would work better. I'll be tired for a couple days until I get used to it. But if this doesn't do the trick in 6 weeks, she wants an MRI of my head. So I've got that to look forward to.

Perhaps it's the meds or my defective brain, but I'm really Sinéading up these days. I got the new album last week, and it's chock fulla wonderful rarities and live stuff and covers (her "Do Right Woman" is a particularly nifty Celtic-soul reimagining, and "Chiquitita" has been stuck in my head for days). She says this is the last one, that she's retiring from the music business forever to concentrate on...whatever else it is that she does. But who knows? She says a lot of things. She's crazy as a shithouse rat, probably, but I do love her music so. I've tried several times in this here blog to put into words what I feel about her music, and every time I try to explain, it comes out trite and silly and not a little bit wild-eyed-nutty (think Jack Black in "Bob Roberts"). So I delete all that shit before hitting the publish button. You'll just have to trust me on this.

OK, one Sinéad-related thing that pisses me off, and then I'll stop: Who the fuck really cares about the Pope picture? Are there that many papists in the world that every single article written about her in the last 12 years must mention the Pope thing? They almost never mention why she did it. Her contention back then was that the Catholic Church was condoning and covering up the physical and sexual abuse of children, and that the Vatican knew about it and did nothing. She was right.

She was just ahead of her time, as usual.

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As the token atheist, I have to say I couldn't give a damn about her stance vis-a-vis the Catholic church but to begin with I did think she was right up her own arse.

Mind you, she can really sing, and I can forgive anyone almost anything for that. Her version of "Nothing Compares 2 U" was actually better than the original - and I speak as a Prince fan.

Larry Lurex @ 10/07/2003 08:59 AM CST

You're not a token atheist, Larry. Who do you think runs this little operation here?

As to whether or not O'Connor was "up her own arse," she certainly wouldn't be the first musician to occupy that sort of real estate. Lots of (male) rock stars do stupid things -- it generally doesn't destroy their careers. I almost never come across articles on Elvis Costello that raise the Ray Charles incident, which was probably more offensive to more people than ripping up a photograph on television. But since the SNL thing happened, I have never read an article or interview with O'Connor that doesn't mention it. She's still being punished, which I find baffling.

amyc @ 10/07/2003 09:22 AM CST

Sorry to hear you get migraines. I take imitrex for mine, but my doctor hasn't given me any preventative medication. I suspect that has to do with my sucky insurance. Anyway, I wish you luck on getting rid of them.

Debbie @ 10/08/2003 08:55 PM CST

I took Imitrex once, and the side effects were unbearable, so that's out. Which is a shame -- it seems to work for a lot of people I know.

amyc @ 10/09/2003 06:08 AM CST

I love Sinead O'Connor's voice, too. It's beautiful and haunting (I'll be brave and write trite and silly things for you :)).

As for the Pope Picture incident, maybe it's brought up because it incited international anger, instead of only American anger (? Just surmising here). How long did the "we're bigger than Christ" comment follow John Lennon around?

Billie @ 10/15/2003 05:37 PM CST

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