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Auto mechanics, as a group, have a long-standing reputation for dishonesty. Perhaps you've been lucky to find a mechanic you trust, but everybody knows someone who got ripped off by some sleazy grease monkey. Still, if your car's fucked up, you would hardly trust it to someone who had never worked on cars before, someone who follows car repair as a hobby and has never actually rebuilt a carburetor, but thinks he could figure it out. Right? You'd be crazy to do that.

So I don't understand why people are so willing to trust their government to people with no experience, why being an "outsider" is so magical in politics, why voters fall all over themselves to elect candidates who brag about knowing nothing of the lawmaking process. And it's not just you, California. It's a national problem.

But, wait, you say. He'll surround himself with good people! Yes, we've heard that before (and look how well that's working for us). How did not being able to do the job become an acceptable qualification for getting a job? Can I try that on my next interview? "Well, gee, HR person, I don't actually know how to run a social service agency by myself. But I think that's an advantage! Even though I don't fully grasp the tax laws or government regulations or fundraising techniques involved with operating a charity, I can shake things up with my outsider perspective. And I'll surround myself with good people!" I would be laughed out of the office.

Governor Schwarzenegger. Jeebus, we're doomed.

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would it be bad form to hope for a really big earthquake right now?

this is just So Fucked.

shechemist @ 10/08/2003 12:10 PM CST

Tbogg sez they'll be okay, but like you, I have my doubts. Particularly with the recent news that Orrin Hatch is trying to drum up support for a repeal of the natural-born citizen qualification for running for President. (A mere coincidence, I'm sure.)

...and I *still* haven't seen any news about anybody starting another recall petition!

In other news... MUMMY!!!

jima @ 10/08/2003 03:29 PM CST

ah jeez, the only solice I have had through this whole thing is knowing the we could never have a 'President Arnie'. And now that might be out the door?
I may have to start learining 'Oh Canada'.

the other amy @ 10/08/2003 04:02 PM CST

We live in a democracy that tells us anyone can grow up to be elected to just about any office.

In real life, this isn't always true but that's sorta beside the point - people have to think it's true. A vote for a self-appointed "political outsider" is really a vote for the part of us who feels we could do the job better if only we had a little more time . . . or a little more money . . . or were just a little bit smarter . . . or had a little better connections.

Well guess what? We realize we'll never be all of these things, so we elect supposed political outsiders - people who are just like us, only much better.

Jor-El @ 10/08/2003 09:20 PM CST

Thank goodness that at the moment we seem to elect professional politicians. Even Glenda Jackson has had a long and distinguished career in politics before she became an MP. As it is, she is still on the backbenches and presumably learning a lot about the way things work in Parliament.

As for the sneaky way in which Ah-nuld was selected, aren't you Americans getting a bit tired of this sleazy kind of election? Still, with 40% of Americans describing themselves as "rightwing" perhaps you have the government you deserve.

Larry Lurex @ 10/09/2003 05:25 AM CST

Here's a thought: How about we give the guy a chance to actually fuck up before we start taking cheap shots?

elavil @ 10/09/2003 08:02 AM CST

No no, we're SUPPOSED to be taking cheap shots now. It distracts us from the inactivity in the CIA/White House leak investigation.

jima @ 10/09/2003 08:50 AM CST

I don't think any of these shots are particularly cheap. Schwarzenegger ran on a platform made almost entirely of vague slogans and movie quotes, he wouldn't answer any questions about what he actually planned to do in this job, wouldn't debate unless he got the questions in advance, he has absolutely no legislative experience, his only non-entertainment work experience seems to be running a failed restaurant chain, and he has a long and well-documented history of sexual harrassment and intimidation against women -- why exactly does he deserve a chance?

He's a well-connected bully, just like George W. Bush, and he's more proof that the GOP will overturn legal elections if it doesn't like the results. I think this is a disturbing political trend that should be shown no mercy.

amyc @ 10/09/2003 09:03 AM CST

Okay, Arnold's officially fucked up now. Promising to hire an "outside independent auditor, free of political influence," he hired Donna Arduin to head the 60-day audit of California. Arduin is "on loan" from Florida, where she is Jeb Bush's Budget director. More here.

Let the cheap shots continue!

jima @ 10/09/2003 10:26 PM CST

Right, I concur. Let the cheap shots begin.

elavil @ 10/10/2003 12:45 PM CST

I think Jor-El and amyc sum up the situation, perfectly. The thing that frightens me is that it's not more obvious to the knuckleheads who more people. The presidential election is going to be highjinks for sure. I don't get it, either.


j. brotherlove @ 10/12/2003 03:03 PM CST

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