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Continuing this week's theme of voting with your dollar, Luke Seeman explains the importance of supporting your local whatever before it's gone.

That picture of the post-wrecking ball Rainbo just took my breath away. I only skated there a few times, but I had so much fun and kept meaning to go back. Now I'll never be able to.

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Does using Discover Card, Allstate Insurance, and buying from Sears Roebuck count as buying local?

question @ 10/31/2003 01:39 PM CST

Are you just being a smartass?

amyc @ 10/31/2003 01:59 PM CST

The Rainbo was also once known as the Kinetic Playground, host of many
happening rock and roll shows some 30-35 years ago such as The Pink Floyd,
Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and other Older Brother Rock [tm] artists
of the era. I understand Steve Miller played there too, so maybe it's a wash.

drench @ 10/31/2003 02:17 PM CST

But did they play on skates? Because that would have been cool.

amyc @ 10/31/2003 02:57 PM CST

No. What is "buying local"? Jewel employees hundreds of people in Chicago, but isn't local. My nearby supermercado employees a handful of people, but the food comes from somewhere else.

Sears employs lots of people in Chicago and is a local company - is that buying local?

question @ 11/03/2003 12:15 PM CST

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