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You would think people would know by now: Do not mess with angry Catholic school girls. They will fuck you up.

Rudy Susanto, 25, who had exposed himself to teen-age girls on as many as seven occasions outside St. Maria Goretti School, struck again on Thursday just as students were being dismissed, police said.

But this time, a group of girls in school uniforms angrily confronted Susanto with help from some neighbors, police said. When Susanto tried to run, more than 20 girls chased him down the block. Two men from the neighborhood caught him and the girls took their revenge.

"The girls came and started kicking him and punching him, so I wasn't going to stop them," neighbor Robert Lemons told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Of course, the larger and significantly less hilarious question is why a known sexual predator who has struck the same school seven times is not behind bars and getting some damn counseling.

praise be unto shechemist for the link

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my theory is the 7 times had been documented, reports filed, but the guy was never actually caught, and arrested till now, that is why there are so many charges against him.

the rest of my theory is he harassed lone students while they were walking home. maybe if there were two walking together, but never more than two. the first time, or maybe even the 2nd time, the students were too freaked out or shocked to do anything but get the hell out of there and tell their parents. but after the 1st or 2nd time, after the shock and fear wore off, they felt a bit indignant. the great righteous unfairness that only 17 year olds feel. they were pissed.

and this time, instead of trying to get the fuck away(which is always the wise choice), they looked at eachother, looked at him, and went for it.

shechemist @ 10/31/2003 03:34 PM CST

I'm amused by the fact that this is "St. Maria Goretti" School. Maria Goretti was made a saint (after her death at age 12, or something like that) for the sole reason that she refused to give up her virginity to this fella from a neighboring farm, who then stabbed her in the stomach.

I like to think that this mob of angry uniformed Catholic chicks walloping a sexual predator is Goretti's revenge, come one hundred years or so too late.

Dlugo Czaj @ 10/31/2003 03:55 PM CST

I love this. Just too funny! Can you imagine the guy in prison:

"What ya in fo'?"

"I was exposing myself to Catholic school girls, and they kicked my ass."

"Nice. Bend over."

gttim @ 10/31/2003 06:39 PM CST

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