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I called Ald. Matlak's office today to report yesterday's incident and had the following conversation with a member of his staff:

"Jeez, I'm real sorry to hear dat, ma'am. You know what you oughta do? Run downa da store and buy two sticksa dynamite, then t'row 'em at 'em."

"You can't buy dynamite at the store."

"Well, in dat case, I'll take your name an' number an' have somebody call you back today."

I also spoke to one of the guys working on the street this morning (who assured me he'd have the supervising engineer come and talk to me -- I'm still waiting) and the contractors allegedly in charge of this bullshit. They said:

"Gosh, I wish somebody would have told me about this sooner."

"Well, I would have called yesterday, but I was in the ER most of the afternoon."

Anyway, somebody must have talked to somebody, because the branches are no longer sticking out the parkway. Now they're in the middle of the street.

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So no running in the middle of the street for you, young lady.

elavil @ 11/07/2003 05:02 PM CST

Unless I have dynamite.

amyc @ 11/07/2003 05:43 PM CST

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