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This note was left on my windshield by some brave, unnamed soul who apparently can't abide opinions differing from his:

You Libaral piece of shit. Make sure you talk to God About your Great Bumper Stickers. Enjoy Hell, Asshole. If you Don't like your country Get the Fuck-out. I will help you pack you pussy.
P.S. Nice Car -- Faggot

Spelling, punctuation, and logic errors all from the original.

This happens occasionally. I've got a glove box full of such missives, collected over the 10 years I've owned this car (which I call The Feministiva because of all the aforementioned "Great Bumper Stickers" advocating choice, liberalism, evolution, civil rights, and other subversive ideas). I keep meaning to scan them all in and create a gallery of the sexist, racist, gay-bashing little love letters I've received, as well as the exhortations to accept Jesus before my very soul is consumed in the Lake of Fire and whatall. Perhaps once the DIY Trunk Show is all wrapped up, I'll get right on that little project. It'll be fun!

Replies: 8 Confessions

On the first read, I thought that said "I will help you pack your pussy." Which would have been a lot worse, obv.
PS Still got that dynamite, you libaral? I mean, Libaral.

elavil @ 11/09/2003 09:46 AM CST

hey, when you 'talk to God about your Great Bumper Stickers' maybe you can mention your mishap on the footpath. I bet he would get further with that alderman's office.

the other amy @ 11/09/2003 02:02 PM CST

I'd like to see your gallery of windshield notes, btw!

Charlie @ 11/10/2003 11:07 AM CST

That was YOUR car?! Damn - that note was supposed to be put on Mayor Daley's car. My bad.

PS - if you see Mayor Daley, could you give it to him? Thanks a bunch, hon!

Jor-El @ 11/10/2003 12:10 PM CST

Yeah. I'm pretty sure my Darwin fish got me keyed. I consider it just another example of Christian love.

webwench @ 11/10/2003 03:52 PM CST

I'd like to see your gallery of windshield notes, btw!

So it shall be done! Just give me until next week, please.

amyc @ 11/11/2003 09:00 AM CST

I'm just shocked that your little Festiva is still running after all these years. Yea Ford! (Not that I'm biased) Possibly the stickers are helping to hold it togather?

JimS @ 11/12/2003 10:51 AM CST

... pack your pussy ... Faggot ...

.. intelligent ... freeper ...

Yeah Ford! 410,000 miles on my Ranger. Dean bumper stickers holding it together. Was drving back from Florida when new Jag pulled up next to me. Guy waved at me while talking on his cell phone. As he pulled away, I saw his Dean bumper sticker.

Nobody in Florida keyed my car or anything, suprisingly. I did notice that Wal-Marts/Target/Walgreens down there do not carry any books written by liberals.

gttim @ 11/18/2003 05:39 PM CST

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