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This morning I finally got a tetanus shot -- after the big freakout, a year of therapy, and a successful blood draw. I really had to get it, because the recent noggin bonking on the filthy pavement, and also for proper admission into grad school. Super Beloved Man took the morning off work to accompany me to the doctor and help me through my relaxation and breathing exercises. And then, it was all over, and I did not die. Hooray!

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Are you sure yr not dead? How many fingers am I holding up?

elavil @ 11/10/2003 02:25 PM CST

Also, how many days were you available for work?

Seriously though, congratulations again on getting through it. That was #8 on your top 10 list of fear-provoking events! Yr coming along nicely. Soon you'll be able to donate blood.

jima @ 11/10/2003 02:28 PM CST

Four cheers for Amy!

"First you do the scary thing and then the courage comes later."- David O. Russell

maggie @ 11/10/2003 02:35 PM CST

good for you!
tetnus shots are horrible even if you don't have a fear of needles.

the other amy @ 11/10/2003 02:42 PM CST

Righteous! You are all set, for seven whole years!
I got one after my cat lept into my lap from behind while chasing my very long braid, which I had just pulled over my shoulder. He landed on my hands. Punctured that big vein on my right wrist, tore open my left hand. Felt very, very bad about it, for like a week. But the ER docs were very impressed: "You were mauled by a big cat?!?" "Not a Bengal tiger; just a 20lb. Bengal kitty."

I think the "no way, it doesn't really do that, I thought that was just a Monty Python thing" blood spurts made it easier to acquiesce to the damned shot. I probably still have my "last tetanus shot was on _" sticker on my rx card. Too bad it's expired. Crap.

Jessica @ 11/13/2003 11:36 AM CST

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