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It appears I've caught Mr. Jimmie's cold, just in time for the DIY Trunk Show. You know, the DIY Trunk Show! You're going, right? I've got 35 necklaces and 31 bracelets, and they're not going to buy themselves, people! And look at all the other cool stuff you can buy!

And if that's not enough to please you, Cinnamon and I will be on WLUW from 4-6 pm today talking about the DIY Trunk Show on the Full On Friday show. Listen to us yammer at 88.7 on your FM dial, or online. My god, isn't that cool?

OK. I gotta go now. Gotta do a lot of last-minute stuff for the DIY Trunk Show.

Replies: 4 Confessions

Oh no! Colds make the Baby Jesus cry!

jima @ 11/14/2003 10:43 AM CST

I'm going to be there baby!


shechemist @ 11/14/2003 01:39 PM CST

What DIY Trunk Show? (tee-hee)

TOA @ 11/14/2003 02:13 PM CST

call me at my dorm!
i may be coming to chicago next weekend.

jobeth @ 11/15/2003 03:07 PM CST

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