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Hi. It's been a while, I know. I started getting sick the day before the DIY Trunk Show, and I'm still not altogether well. So I've been sleeping a lot. Also, there was a paper for school that was due on Monday, and I had to get an extension (first time ever -- I feel like such a slacker!) and finish it on Tuesday. And then today I had a job interview (dreary publication management thingy in a desolate suburban wasteland an hour away -- the only thing going for it is that I've been unemployed for almost 6 months). So it's been a busy, bleary-eyed, snotty, achy few days.

But, man, the Trunk Show was so fucking wonderful! Cinnamon put up a bunch of pictures of the event (including one of me with my eyes shut waving a necklace around like a nutjob. I blame the cold pills), and Mr. Jimmie took a lot of photos of my booth and the whole set-up/take-down procedure. I have no idea how many people showed up, but the joint was hopping all day. I sold almost half of my pieces, including 9 to one customer who just kept raving about how great my stuff was. I didn't make a profit, but I got enough self-esteem to buy a house, baby! All the vendors and shoppers I talked with had nothing but positive things to say about the whole shebang. I only wish I could have been a little more present, you know? All day long, drinking bottle after bottle of cold water and eating nought but Ricola throat lozenges, all I could think was, "Just x more hours, and I can go home and sleep." I also wish I had been able to wander around and shop at the other booths. I picked up a few things, but I didn't get to do the holiday-shopping blowout I had planned. Stupid cold!

OK. Back to sleep now.

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