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Looks like my Kavalcade of Krap might get some national exposure. A producer from Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly -- a PBS, uh, newsweekly about religion and ethics -- called this morning to talk to me about my collection of nun dolls, concrete Jesii, and unholy relics as part of a piece they're doing on religious kitsch. They might even send a camera crew 'round to film the whole load of nonsense. Check your local listings!

(For Chicagoans, the show runs on WTTW Saturdays at 6 am and on WYCC Sundays at 6:30 pm)

Replies: 3 Confessions

Very cool

Allen @ 11/26/2003 01:53 PM CST

Good heavens. Stage AND screen.

elavil @ 11/26/2003 03:44 PM CST

you rock star.

TOA @ 11/27/2003 01:39 AM CST

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