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As noted by TBogg, Dear Abby recently knocked some sense into her readers who complained about her telling a pregnant, scared teen to go to Planned Parenthood. For a lot of people "Planned Parenthood" always equals "abortion." A lot of people are wrong.

For example: Some asshole in Austin, TX, started a campaign of harassment and threats directed at the contractors building a new Planned Parenthood there:

An Austin, Texas concrete contractor has orchestrated a blacklisting campaign against contractors working on Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Regionís new clinic....

Fortunately, other contractors have stepped forward and the clinic will be built. But we know that anti-choice fanatics across the country are watching closely, and if itís one thing weíve learned, they are quick studies when it comes to new methods of harassment.

Right now they are preparing to export this blackmail scheme to other areas of the country. This is a chilling development that has the potential to seriously disrupt the delivery of reproductive health care - unless enough mainstream Americans make their voice heard!

Give Planned Parenthood some of your money to help them fight this bullshit. Because here's the thing about Planned Parenthood that most of these dipshit zealots don't realize, or more likely, don't care about: Planned Parenthood clinics provide basic health services for women, especially poor women who can't get this stuff anywhere else. Services like annual check-ups, pelvic exams, HIV testing, cancer screening, and discounted birth control prescriptions. They offer a sliding payment scale, so low-income women can get basic gynecological care without going broke. I know. When I was an uninsured retail slave making five bucks an hour at the Boston Barnes & Noble, I went to Planned Parenthood in Brookline for my annual -- it was only $60, instead of the $110 I would have had to pay at a regular OB/GYN. I also went there to get treated when my cystitis flared up. Most of my friends got their pills from Planned Parenthood because they could get three months' worth for, like, ten bucks. That clinic was the only doctor I could afford the year I lived in Boston. That clinic was shot up by John Salvi a year later. He killed the receptionist.

But killing clinic staff is frowned upon, so anti-choice fuckwits have switched to kinder, gentler forms of terrorism, such as declaring war on the people who build new clinics and recruiting their pinheaded minions to do the same. So congratulations, Austin asshole thugs. By threatening and intimidating the contractors out of finishing that clinic, you just prevented a woman from getting a routine pap smear that detected early-stage cervical cancer. You stopped those bad ol' doctors from finding a woman's suspicious breast lump. You're letting yeast infections go untreated and STDs go undiagnosed. You kept all those women from getting affordable birth control, which probably would have done more to reduce the number of abortions in your town than all your bullying bullshit tactics.

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