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In the next few minutes, the camera crew from Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly will be here to capture my, uh, "collection" on film for all eternity. Can you smell the excitement?

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Let's see. Last month the radio, this month TV. Dare I say - next month I'll be paying $7.50 to see you at my local multiplex.

Lynn @ 12/02/2003 10:20 AM CST

Is that what I smell? I thought it was Teen Spirit.

elavil @ 12/02/2003 10:31 AM CST

Eee!! Your 15 minutes of fame!

Elavil, I'm not familiar with the program that Amy's referring to. You sound pretty unimpressed with it, tho. ?

Charlie @ 12/02/2003 10:55 AM CST

Hey, Charlie - never heard of it. I was just being a smartass about smelling the excitement.

elavil @ 12/02/2003 12:56 PM CST

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