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This week's unemployment check bore the legend, "YOUR CURRENT SUBPROGRAM ACCOUNT IS ALMOST EXHAUSTED." Which in English means I have enough money left for one more check, maybe one and a half. So I called IDES to see about an extension (I called a few weeks ago and was told, "You have about six weeks left. Don't worry about it until you run out." Which was hardly reassuring).

The nice IDES man told me my unemployment benefits will run out right around Dec. 24. The good news is I will automatically qualify for an extension. The bad news is the extension only runs through...Dec. 31. Unless Bush authorizes another extension for next year. But why would he do that? I mean, we're in a recovery, right?


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aww shit. *hug*

I found out when I quit to go back to school, I will get my 3 weeks of vacation cashed out. woohoo! now I just need to find a part time job, and hope like hell I get into the nursing program I am applying to.

shechemist @ 12/05/2003 12:20 PM CST

My unemployment insurance benefits ran out a year ago; that was right when the benefit rate went up from $220 per week to $360. Good thing we don't have the highest per capita rent in the country here, or anything.

I had my first paid photography gig last week, for this big manga company's xmas party. Fingers crossed that the execs thought the tattooed blonde chick action was so hot, they hire her for lots more!

Jessica @ 12/07/2003 08:40 PM CST

('Cause, see, maybe it was all the Sneaky Ninja cocktails, but they seemed to care about the blondeness than the talent. It was pretty interesting.)

Jessica @ 12/07/2003 09:22 PM CST

So I should go blonde, is what you're saying? I suppose it couldn't hurt.

amyc @ 12/09/2003 06:03 AM CST

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