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If you missed Sister's big TV debut (and they included some action shots of her frightening rubber mouth), check out the Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly site. Not a terribly flattering screen shot of me, but some nice photos of my stuff.

I was worried that I'd come off sounding vicious or dismissive, but I think the feature shows both sides of religious kitsch collecting without making anyone look crazy.

The true story, for those of you who watch the video: I do keep the concrete Jesus light in my living room, but not on that shelf. The camera crew moved it for dramatic effect. Also, I'm not actually taking anything out of the freezer in that one shot. It was staged! And I do not have a large rectangular tumor on my left hip -- that's the microphone pack. Oh, the tyranny of television! Everything is fake! Trust no one! Thank you.

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Two views of religious doodads:

RubberNunWoman: It's really ugly; it's very cheap. It was $1.95. I got it at a truck stop. And it's a refrigerator magnet!

Serious Person: I do try to develop a deeper spiritual relationship with Jesus because of Saint Joan. She is my guide.

Take yr pick.

elavil @ 12/13/2003 10:05 AM CST

wow, that was really cool. I was a little worried that they were gonn a paint you as some sort of freaky heathen, but it was really balanced. And the Rubber Nun made it on there! Was that one of your requirements when they first approached you?

(oh, BTW, the box arrived. Sparky really likes the D.M. box)

the other amy @ 12/13/2003 05:45 PM CST

one more thing.
I got this very appropriate link from a friend:
Maybe Jim is stil looking for a stocking stuffer for you...

TOA @ 12/13/2003 05:50 PM CST

I'm afraid of heights, but I would totally go 'round the world in a big Jesus balloon!

(Hey, you didn't open your presents early, did you? Because you know how we hate that!)

amyc @ 12/13/2003 10:18 PM CST

Drat - your TV debut was pre-empted here in town by the capture of Saddam Hussein. I suppose I can see their point but I was bummed.

elavil @ 12/15/2003 07:37 AM CST

We can show you the video. We've been showing it to everyone, you know.

amyc @ 12/15/2003 12:01 PM CST

Or you can just click on the video link at their Website, to see it in RealPlayer format. But yeah, we've got it on tape.

jima @ 12/15/2003 01:12 PM CST

mom has it on tape too. she's sending me a copy.

the other amy @ 12/16/2003 02:48 PM CST

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