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Someone please explain this to me:

Brutal, murdering tyrant Saddam Hussein -- evilest man in the whole wide world who would kill us all if he had the chance, according to the Bush administration -- does not qualify as an "enemy combatant" and instead gets POW status under the Geneva Convention. But Jose Padilla (US citizen, petty thug, and low-level gang member) is an "enemy combatant" and is apparently so dangerous to this country that he still hasn't been charged with a crime or been allowed access to an attorney, and maybe never will be.

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I agree, completely ridiculous

Allen @ 12/15/2003 02:08 PM CST

Guess what?

The federal appeals court agrees with RubberNun!

How about THEM apples?

jima @ 12/18/2003 10:56 AM CST

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