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Even though Jim and I both decided once all of our play/trunk show/school/work obligations died down that we would take it easy for a while, we're still amazingly busy. Over the weekend, we went "boweling" with Phineas for his birthday, had brunch on Sunday with a dear pal from far away, then spent Sunday evening being entertained Broadway-style (which forced us to turn down an invite to Louisa's legendary tree-trimming party). Had my final class of the term last night, and tomorrow night: dinner and board games with our lovely Logan Square pals (who lead such interesting lives, yet have no blogs to document their adventures. Alas). Then a job interview on Thursday -- second interview, actually. Wish me luck, because the unemployment bennies run out in a couple weeks.

But this weekend, we have nothing planned. We just might keep it that way.

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totally random but nice jewelry you make therrr :)

paisley @ 12/16/2003 04:34 PM CST

Hey, saying nice things about my jewelry is never totally random -- thanks! I keep meaning to put stuff up on eBay but haven't gotten around to it yet.

amyc @ 12/17/2003 06:09 AM CST


the other amy @ 12/19/2003 04:15 PM CST

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