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Stealing things is bad. But seriously, dude, get a grip:

John Stout, a church member who owns the Nativity statues, noticed the figure missing after a church breakfast on Saturday.

"He called the police and asked if he should file a missing person report, or just a theft."

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Yeah, perhaps he should have asked the police to identify the thief as anti-Christ.

jima @ 12/17/2003 04:19 PM CST

What, he thinks the Baby Jesus got up and walked to the bus station?

elavil @ 12/17/2003 05:08 PM CST

Hmmmmm. Baby Jesus gets up and walks to the bus station. I bet there's a Randy Newman song in there somewhere.

jima @ 12/18/2003 05:44 AM CST

Dude, he should have asked me. When my garden gnome was kidnapped to see all the capitols of Europe, and yes, he did seem to be enjoying himself, the police let me know that this was not a missing-persons issue.

Charlie @ 12/19/2003 11:30 AM CST

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