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Coffee, Tea or Handcuffs?
An Australian journalist gets a taste of Department of Homeland Security hospitality

A writer for a feature-friendly Aussie mag gets detained at LAX, handcuffed and frog-marched through the terminal, and sent home as a criminal. An excerpt:

“I laughed,” Smethurst recalls, “because we’re a cross between Good Housekeeping and People magazine. The most political thing we’d likely print was Laura Bush’s horoscope.”

The polite interrogation continued. Who was her father? His occupation? Her mother’s maiden name and occupation? What were their dates of birth, where did they live?

The agents gravely nodded at Smethurst’s replies and left once more, promising to return. When they came back half an hour later, one of the officers offered Smethurst a cup of airport coffee.

“I thought at that stage something was quite wrong,” Smethurst says, “so I asked the man with the coffee if there was some problem.”

“I will tell you when there’s a problem,” he abruptly snapped, according to Smethurst. Then he pointed to a nearby sign:

Your Silence Is Appreciated

Found at TBogg's place.

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I saw an interview with this woman the other day. She was having a pretty good laugh about the whole thing. Yea, people do laugh at how ridiculous the US has gotten.

The Other Amy @ 12/20/2003 01:57 PM CST

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