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Jim and I just got back from "Shattered Glass" -- my second time seeing this excellent little flick. If you haven't seen it yet, do check it out, won't you?

In the theater waiting for show time, we had to sit through what I think was an entire CD of country-style holiday tunes that could only be described as "Cletus M. Truckfucker's Hillbilly Christmas." Very banjo-intensive, with lots of twangy yodeling about snow and reindeer and how purty maw's tree is lookin' this year. It was excruciating. Jim ducked out to use the facilities before the movie started and heard a theater employee warbling along, stopping mid-song to exclaim to no one in particular, "If I hear this song again, I'm gonna freak out!" You and me both, dude.

But, hey, Santa monkey!

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