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I know, I know, you're sick to death of the whole Saddam-capture-analysis thing by now. But I bet you were wondering how the Bible Doctrine News guy interprets recent events! Well, let me tell you! It's all the fault of the whores. Or possibly the wolverines.

Saddam Hussein was 66, for worldliness and the worldly female. He was captured at a farm in orange, lemon, and palm groves - all symbols of the female and her sexual response. He was captured by the 4th Infantry Division, the same division that had been associated with the Prostitute of Babylon the day before in the hearing of Lt. Colonel Allen West.

In operation Red Dawn that captured  Saddam Hussein, two targets were investigated. The targets were identified as Wolverine 1 and Wolverine 2. Saddam was found near Wolverine 2. The wolverine is a member of the weasel and skunk family that stinks and is crafty, strong, and fierce. Wolverines are loners; hunt at night (but also in the day); and are often on the move. Saddam Hussein's beard resembled wolverine fur. And he was often on the move. Because of delayed gestation, the wolverine can give birth to a litter with multiple fathers. This is the symbol of an adulteress and a prostitute.

For because of a prostitute one is brought down to a roll (of bread),
But another man's wife lies in wait (stalks) a precious soul. (Proverbs 6:26)

Saddam Hussein represented the evil king. He was eventually captured. But it took far too long than a normal operation against an evil king in Spiritual warfare. Normal Spiritual warfare is usually just a matter of facing off with the demon Managers, followed by the five giants, and then taking on the evil king in hand-to-hand combat. Saddam didn't come out like that. He was no genius, but the Spiritual warfare to dislodge him was like fighting a wolverine, which is like Jezebel, the prototypical Prostitute of Babylon, in many ways.

Saddam was hiding in a hole in the ground, or a pit, like a dead person in a grave. A pit represents a trap, dungeon, grave, or a prostitute.

For the prostitute is a deep pit,
And the foreign prostitute is a narrow well. (Proverbs 23:27)

In verse 27, "prostitute" is the Hebrew hn*z* (zanah), and "foreign prostitute" is the Hebrew yr!k=]n* (nakeri). "A deep pit" is a trap used to catch animals, and a narrow well is a metaphor for the young female. Temple prostitutes were usually young females.

And that's about as clear as anything you'll hear on MSNBC, my friends.

Replies: 3 Confessions

These guys should go to the MLA - they'd fit right in.
One question: Is there really a demon named Managers?

elavil @ 12/21/2003 08:43 AM CST

I thought he was implying that all managers were demons.

amyc @ 12/21/2003 03:14 PM CST

whoa. dude!

ever think he ripped a giant bong hit after making a pact with himself where he can't open his can of pringles till he bangs out 1000 words using three randomly selected bible verses?

shechemist @ 12/22/2003 10:25 AM CST

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