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Went a-visiting down in Peoria last night, sharing xmas gladness with Jim's side of the family. We ate and exchanged gifts and laughed and ate some more, the only cramp in our holiday style being the constant stress of minding Henry, who spent most of the trip anxiously panting, pacing, and trying to get into stuff. Keeping her away from the edibles and breakables in the homes of our various hosts wore me out. Next year: boarding.

After we got safely home and had hot showers and dinner, the boy and I felt like going to the movies. We left early in the hopes of finding any place open on xmas day that would sell us desserts. Let me tell you, driving around the city at 6:00 xmas night was amazing! The streets were empty, almost everything was closed (even the bars!), and parking was plentiful -- it was unlike any Chicago I've ever known! I loved it.

After snarfing down sweets at the Melrose (apparently the only place open in Lakeview, and therefore quite the hopping joint), we found a spot right in front of the Music Box and didn't even have to feed the meter. All this freedom felt almost...naughty. Like we were enjoying the city after all the other Chicagoans had been killed by the mutant zombie army or something. After the movie, I twirled around in the middle of Southport Ave. just because I could -- no cars for blocks in either direction. This just might become a new xmas tradition for us.

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As long as you weren't stuck hanging out with Chakotay (Alex Rogan was way hotter. but I wouldn't do him in the projection booth, or anything.).

Jessica @ 12/26/2003 11:10 PM CST

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