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Another year has zipped by on Acme rocket-powered skates. So once again, here's the audience participation segment:

What's the worst thing that happened to you in 2003?
What's the best thing?
What's your wish for 2004?

For me:
Worst: Getting laid off, and enduring the subsequent soul-crushing job search in a dead economy. And, of course, this fucking war -- millions of people took to the streets to try to stop it, and Bush just didn't care. He and his hideous minions are destroying this country, and taking the rest of the world down with us. Don't get me started.
Best: Losing the job meant having to take a good, hard look at my professional life and figuring out what I really want to do with 40 hours of every week. Fortunately, I've known the answer for years, but I've always lacked the nerve to do anything about it. Unemployment (and a magically bestowed grad-school scholarship) was the ass-kicking I needed to finally start a career in saving the world. Runner-up best thing: The DIY Trunk Show. Damn, that was a blast!
Wish for '04: Anybody but Bush, baby!

OK, now it's your turn.

Replies: 7 Confessions

Worst: losing one of the co-workers at my office that knew everything about everything. We're still trying to catch up after he left.

Best: taking off all of my accrued vacation time. Nothing like enjoying some relaxation time at home!

Wish for '04: that regime change we've been waiting for so long.

jima @ 12/31/2003 12:11 PM CST

Best: I got a really good idea, and it got funded.
Worst: Lost a friend, although probably that friendship had been gone a long time and I just pronounced it. Still, was a friend, now isn't.
Wish: Come-uppance, wherever it's called for.

elavil @ 12/31/2003 03:30 PM CST

worst: the prodigal son fire. the war. the pope deciding to fight gay marriage. losing Betty Boop Boxer, my sweet little dog.

best: getting my new lap top. my lap top led me to meeting Tom. Now I have love *and* a computer for my return to school. oh, and teaching CCD to 7th graders.

wish, selfish: please oh please let me get into UIC's new master's in nursing for degreed non-nursing people. please. pretty please. I'll eat all my veggies, walk the dog every day, floss, and think kind thoughts.

wish, less selfish: Dean wins the election. the middle east mellows out. the economy breaks loose and more jobs are created.

shechemist @ 12/31/2003 03:55 PM CST

Worst/Best: I still have my job. This fills both categories because it's not what or where I want to be which saps my will to do good work. However, the food it continues to put on the table helps me keep looking for something else. I think it's better than not having a job. Amy, your post piques this question: Do you wish that you had been able to stay at your job? Are you torn at all by the best/worst things to happen this year, or at simple peace with it?

Real Best: Knocking up my wife.

Real Worst: I wish I could come up with something more personal than not understanding wtf is going on with this country's politics and priorities.

Wish For '04: Healthy birth at the end of April for my little girl.

Charlie @ 01/02/2004 11:58 AM CST

I think I'm at peace with losing that job. I liked it enough that I probably would have stayed another year or two, but I still had plenty of nagging dread about not wanting to be a journalist anymore. At this point though -- my unemployment benefits now being officially exhausted -- I sure wish I still had that paycheck.

amyc @ 01/02/2004 02:14 PM CST

Somehow surfed on in via - quite random. I live next to a place were there are some (not sure how many) nuns. I have a picture I'd like to Email you of them taking afternoon tea (a very British thing perhaps?). Somehow seems apt to your site, which I have had a little browse around.

Worst: Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash. Deep losses, I feel very sad that these two people have died. I wish I had gone to Hendersonville when I had the chance.


Helping to save the Gorillas and supporting my friend in her new job --

Visiting the first Frank Gehry building in the UK in Dundee, Scotland. This charity does great work so support it if you can --

Wish for '04: so many wishes and dreams. For January to get to see as many films by Nicholas Ray as possible --

Richard Gibson @ 01/04/2004 07:43 PM CST

Worst: Spending weeks in the hospital accompanying my partner during preliminary tests and then actual brain surgery to try to cure his epilepsy. I felt sort of compelled to stay with him, because he's deaf and the hospital staff weren't always that great about communicating with him. And anyway, I just wanted to be with him.

Best: Brain surgery finished. No death, infection, or loss of language ability. (Hmm, maybe I should try to sound a little more joyful at this point, but that WAS where my mind was a couple of weeks ago.) He came home from the hospital last week and he's almost back to normal... except his hair's a lot shorter. No seizures since the surgery, which is encouraging.

Wish: A legitimately elected President, and come-uppance to the current White House crew (and all those Senators who voted to confirm, by the way).

CupaJoe @ 01/04/2004 11:18 PM CST

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