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If you're one of the handful of easily impressed people who have ever said, "Gee, I wish I could buy some of that jewelry that Amy makes!" now's your chance. Visit our fine friends at eBay this week to see an assortment of bracelets and chokers, made with buckets of love (and a smidgen of skill). These are pieces I designed for the DIY Trunk Show back in November, now available to you at half the price! Because I don't have a job! Hooray!

(And if you see something you like that you maybe want in another color or something, let me know. I can make for you!)

Replies: 2 Confessions

Okay, I did! I'm partial to the Afghan jade and Indian silver necklace thingie. I think my mom would like it -- her colors.

CupaJoe @ 01/04/2004 11:27 PM CST

I've got a couple on my watch list, I just love your work Amy.

the other amy @ 01/05/2004 01:30 AM CST

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