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After 7 months of unemployment and 9 months of jobhunting, it appears I can stop for a while. I have been offered a staff editor position at a very large membership organization downtown (which shall remain nameless for the time being, just in case). And (no fool, I) I took the job. This is the job I had two interviews for in December -- they liked my writing test. And probably my moxie. You know how it goes.

I'm certainly relieved to be gainfully employed again, though I can't say I really wanted this particular job at this point in my life. I'm done with journalism, but apparently journalism is not done with me. At least I can work again and concentrate on school instead of freaking out about bills and sleeping all day because I feel useless and depressed. So that's something.

I start Monday.

You can still buy my jewelry though, if you want.

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Great news, well I hope. It's good to have a job. Let me know if you need the picture of my next door neighbour nuns.

I just saw the great movie 'American Splendor' - he has a good webblog also.


Richard Gibson @ 01/05/2004 05:17 PM CST

I would love a photo of neighborly nuns!

amyc @ 01/05/2004 05:27 PM CST

congrats on the gainful employment! you'll still have grad school and time to find what you do want to do. yay for not freaking out about bills and being depressed.

shechemist @ 01/05/2004 07:00 PM CST

Congratulations on getting that job! I still think people should buy your jewelry, though.

CupaJoe @ 01/06/2004 06:07 PM CST

Yaaay! It's a step on the journey to a job that WILL be fulfilling.

Charlie @ 01/07/2004 02:43 PM CST

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Peter Atkinson @ 03/07/2004 01:56 PM CST

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