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Sister Rhonda kicks ass!

A 44-year-old nun from Norfolk has qualified as a karate black belt after practising the martial art in the cellar at her convent.

Sister Rhonda Rice, of All Hallows Convent at Ditchingham, says she had to ask permission to join a karate club after honing her roundhouse kicks on a hanging punch bag.

She said: "I finally plucked-up the courage to ask the Reverend Mother if I could join a karate club and she said 'Yes'. I haven't looked back since."

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Hi Rhonda, it's sensei steve leggett i am one of your instuctors who taight you karate in your early days in training at broome in bungay you where made to train hard in my classes if you rember very high up levels of skill with fighting sprit i have not seen you in a long time all the best

sensei steve leggett

sensei steve leggett @ 04/22/2008 11:47 AM CST

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