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Hello. I love Northern State:

The country's getting ugly and there's more in store
But don't blame me, 'cause I voted for Gore
Keep choice legal,
Your wardrobe regal,
Chekov wrote "The Seagull"
And Snoopy is a beagle...

Thank you.

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Reminds me of:

"No more rhymes, and I mean it!"
"Anybody want a peanut?"
--The Princess Bride

Partly Dave @ 01/08/2004 10:28 AM CST

Perhaps the ladies of Northern State are part of Andre the Giant's posse.

amyc @ 01/08/2004 10:41 AM CST

Video for the NS song "At the Party" over here. Only available in RealPlayer or Windows format, feh.

jima @ 01/08/2004 11:15 AM CST

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