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Steely-skulled rocket whore Peggy Noonan finds Howard Dean a little too too, you know. He's ostensibly a WASP, but he's just not WASPy enough, darling. Says the Nooner:

He seems unpolished, doesn't hide his aggression, is proudly pugnacious. He doesn't look or act the part of the WASP. This may be partly because of his generation. Boomer WASPs didn't really learn How It's Done the way their forebears did. (Boomers of every ethnicity are less ethnic than their forebears.) George W. Bush is a little like this too--less polished, more awkward, than one might expect.

TBogg, as always, pounds knobs into her head:

The difference being that Dean studied for twelve years to become a doctor while George W Bush lived like a drunken fratboy for twenty years as he ran company after company into the ground, all of them financed by friends of his dad. Apparently Dean didn't get the memo that hard work and study is for the little folks (see: riffraff, common) and that real American WASP royalty is supposed to glide through life on a smile, a name, a trust fund, and a soupšon of Thai hookers.

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