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When you're a Republican, of course!

It should be noted that however hyperbolic, comparisons to Hitler and fascism are not unknown in the American political debate. Rush Limbaugh has routinely called women's rights advocates "femi-Nazis," and references to "Hitlery Clinton" are a staple of right-wing talk radio. Republican power-broker Grover Norquist on NPR (10/2/03) compared inheritance taxes to the Holocaust.

Closer to home for Fox News, on the very same day that Gibson, Hannity and O'Reilly were talking about the Hitler/Bush comparison as evidence of the left's extremism, a column ran in the New York Post that described Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean as a follower of Josef Goebbels, referred to him as "Herr Howie," accused him of "looking for his Leni Riefenstahl," called his supporters "the Internet Gestapo" and compared them to "Hitler's brownshirts."

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I agree that all this Hitler stuff is over the top. Nothing wrong with saying a Republican congressman has sex with dogs, though, right?

elavil @ 01/17/2004 02:17 PM CST

Well, if Republicans would stop talking about bestiality, people would stop speculating.

amyc @ 01/17/2004 03:17 PM CST

Well, um, I don't think I would, actually. It's something about the way they walk . . . .

elavil @ 01/17/2004 04:11 PM CST

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